The Game You Never See


Some at Israeli Secret Service believe that Josh Dantel is no longer valuable in the field. Following the assassination of Itzhak Rabin in Tel Aviv, it assigns him to a combination of undercover and public relations work at the United Nations in New York, but his powerful control, Ethan Fiddler is passionate that he is needed at higher exposure levels in the field. He persuades higher ups that Josh and his unconventional wife, Phoebe Aptworth should work with a group of new agents. Josh leads the group and Phoebe becomes an adjunct, a secret translator of Farsi, a listener to all things Iranian from her close-in position as a diplomat’s wife. Since neither the U.S. nor Israel has official contact with Iran, Phoebe’s non-official involvement with Mossad increases overall confusion.

Phoebe and Josh’s young marriage sparks and sputters from a loss of intimacy since her imprisonment in Slovenia and rescue by her former bodyguard, Sam Bloom, now with Kidon. Phoebe is pained by a secret and shuns intimacy. Josh becomes vulnerable to sexual involvement with a beautiful Jewish émigré from Russia assigned by Mossad to his team in Brooklyn. Mentors Miriam and David Goldman, who have returned from Israel to New York City after the loss of their bodyguard, Carlsburg in the Dizengoff Center bombing in Tel Aviv, and an assignment gone awry in Holland where David lost the sight of one eye, are less helpful than they were in the past. After an unproductive joint mission with Josh, Phoebe finds it difficult to recover from committing her first murder in the line of duty.

In September of 2001, Josh and Phoebe’s friends, Bobak from the British Foreign Office and his wife, Nilou become aware of problems with air safety when they return from vacation on a flight from Nice to New York. Mossad field agents and Phoebe’s CIA operative brother, Duncan report “chatter” concerning possible suicide bombers in or headed toward the United States. Operatives everywhere fight to learn specifics and block threats. Phoebe and Josh struggle to unravel a tri-targeted millennial plot out of Syria and Saudi Arabia aimed at the U.S., Great Britain and Israel. Attacks on the Pentagon and The World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 shock the world, and lead to extraordinary soul-searching. In the midst of turmoil, Sam reappears. Josh and Phoebe are at a loyalty crossroads of more than one kind.