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juicy turkey recipe

No more brining the turkey. Clip them together and place them on the bird so that the ice can chill both breasts. The result was a juicy turkey (even the white meat) that was full of flavor!! The real KEY to baking a perfect Thanksgiving Turkey is not to overcook it–that’s what dries out the meat, and you want to carve into a juicy, moist turkey … Traditionally, turkey is roasted starting at a higher temperature to blast it with heat and form a crust before the temperature is lowered. As a Newlywed, Thanksgiving was the first family holiday meal I was put to the test to make (my mother in-law was so worried she sent us pre-cut turkey slices and all the fixings). What would Thanksgiving be without it? Needless to say we didn't need the "emergency care package". Information is not currently available for this nutrient. Let sit at room temperature for 1 hour, then discard ice bags. The only thing I did differently was to cook it outside on my gas grill which has a temperature gauge, so it basically worked like an oven. Thank you for your details!! We recommend having a set of good thermometers on hand, one that can provide an instant reading and another for constant monitoring that can measure the internal temperature of your turkey while it is in the oven. A classic Roast Turkey is a holiday centerpiece that has everyone’s mouths watering when it’s finally time to sit up to the table and feast.This roast turkey recipe is hands down the best I’ve ever had, with a butter, herb, and garlic rub that results in crispy skin and juicy… The best part of any Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday meal is the turkey. You can find the complete collection of recipes on YouTube, Facebook Watch, or our Facebook Page, or right here on our website with their corresponding recipes. Info. Our other boy lives 2 hours away and when he ate he said it was worth coming home for. Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. Your email address will not be published. Everyone raved about the turkey. Turkey is a staple for holiday meals. I got all… Read more ». But let’s be honest: Sometimes turkey can turn out a bit dry (though not when you add a made-from-scratch gravy).). Today, we both got together to make this 15lb. We want a different temperature for white meat than we want for our dark meat. For these purposes we strongly recommend the ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 as an excellent all-purpose instant-read thermometer. Once the internal temperatures reach their desired level, let the turkey rest 20 minutes before carving. The night before, I coated the turkey with Kosher salt and let it sit over night in the fridge in a pan of water. And, my turkey is 15 Lbs. It is perfect for items that require accurate temperature reading over an extended period of time. Do you wash turkey? Baste 1 to 2 times if desired. They all told me not to lose the recipe. The second safety number to keep in mind is that turkey meat is safe to eat when cooked to an internal temperature of 150 degrees if maintained for at least 5 minutes. Learn how to make the juiciest turkey! as directed. CAN EASILY MAKE AT HOME, Copyright © 2020 thestayathomechef.comAll rights reserved. Bring the aluminum foil over the top of the turkey, and seal. It’s important to follow USDA recommendations for food safety, and we’ve got you covered in this recipe. This cool trick gives your dark meat a head start with the desired temperature differential when it’s time to roast,  and it is perfectly food safe (see Food Safety below). Required fields are marked *, RESTAURANT-QUALITY RECIPESYOU After it came out and sat for 15 minutes, the electric knife cut that turkey like it was meant for display; better than my Mom's on any Thanksgiving day. The Best Herb-Roasted Turkey Recipe. It's hard to overcook this turkey because the meat is SO moist and FULL of proper flavor. Enjoy. Although the included temperature gauge popped out at 3 hours, I cooked it another half hour. Today our 20 year old told me at dinner that the turkey tasted like my roast chicken (which he loves) so I will take that as a compliment lol. I've never made a turkey before, mostly because I never had to for Thanksgiving and I was always afraid to mess up something so big and expensive. I think the champagne is better than the ginger ale only because we found the gravy ended up a 'bit' sweet from the pop and needed to be compensated by more salt and pepper. However, if you’ve got the right recipe and the right techniques, your holiday turkey should roast up perfectly juicy for a showstopping dinner (and amazing leftovers). HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!? The only thing that I did diferently was roasted at 325. 556 calories; protein 69.3g 139% DV; carbohydrates 4.3g 1% DV; fat 24g 37% DV; cholesterol 201.2mg 67% DV; sodium 680.2mg 27% DV. If you see any temperatures on the display below 150 degrees Fahrenheit, return the turkey to the oven to cook a little longer. Fill two plastic sandwich bags with ice. I called and told her we would make it this year. I used this recipe last night and it was truly the most moist (perfect) turkey I have ever done. This recipe is sponsored by ThermoWorks. Relax with your family about 2 and a half hours until the ChefAlarm beeps. Wish me luck!! In pouring the ginger ale or Champagne over the turkey be careful and don't pour much over because it washes the herbs off. I’m convinced that this recipe is not only the simplest way to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, it also yields a gorgeous, super juicy, perfectly cooked turkey. Amazing! Maybe rubbing butter on first will help the herbs 'stick' so they won't wash off. Since our turkey will continue to maintain that temperature, and will even go up in temperature during the resting period, it is 100% safe to cook your white meat to only 150 or 155 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven before letting it rest. Learn how to make the juiciest turkey! Tired of dry white meat and rubbery dark meat? If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. So good! These two thermometers will help make your Thanksgiving turkey the best you’ve ever roasted, but they’ll also come in handy all year long.

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