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Structures threatened with Evacuation Warning downgraded to an advisory for Seiad Valley. Structures threatened with an evacuation advisory for Seiad Valley and Hwy 96 corridor. There are also threats to 2 Native American Casino’s and the Union Pacific Railroad. A Type 3 management organizaion is assigned. No fire growth over several days. No Threats have been reported. A Type 3 Team will inbrief today with a planned transfer of command on monday. Minimal fire behavior is observed. Minimal fire behavior reported. Moderate fire behavior today with creeping and smoldering. CA-SRF Red Fire: 50 acres, brush and timber, 0% contained. Continued structure threat and evacuation orders and warnings remain in place. Incident is NOT in Unified Command. There is a heavy impact to Interstate 5 and threat to Union Pacific Railway. CAL FIRE IMT 2 (Kavanaugh) is in command. General area includes much of Siskiyou County and Modoc County except the Surprise Valley area. Start times and duration vary. CA-KNF Slater Fire: 148,677 acres, timber, 22% contained. CA-PNF Adams: 918 acres grass and brush, 40% contained. Naturally occurring asbestos poses a threat to firefighter safety. This incident was previously reported in the Butte/Tehama/Glenn Complex and the August Complex. Bolivar lookout and associated communicates sites and commercial timberlands. Threats remain for multiple communities and road, area and trail closures are in effect. Evacuation Orders and Warnings remain in effect for multiple areas. California Type 2 IMT, Team 14 is in command, CA-MDF July Complex: 83,261 acres grass and timber, 77% contained. Active fire behavior today with uphill runs, torching and spotting. Please see the following link for area-specific details. There are threats to multiple communities, private and Federal Timberlands and ranchlands, powerlines, gas lines, and hydroelectric plants, critical emergency services communication infrastructure, numerous historic and cultural sites, and critical wildlife habitats. CA Type 2, Team 14 (Strawhun) in command. CA-SHF Gibson Fire: 30 acres, timber, grass and brush, 0% contained. Fire is threatening a private ranch and structure as well as Critical Sage Grouse habitat and the Wall Canyon Recreation site. Communities in Oregon under Evacuation Orders and Warnings. This will be the final report unless a significant change occurs. CA-LNU Gulch Fire: 107 acres, 0% contained. Evacuation orders and warnings remain in effect and structures remain threatened. Evacuation order in effect for Miller Ranch and evacuation warning remains for Forks of the Salmon and Denny. Southwest Type 2 IMT assigned. CA-PNF North Complex: 289,981 acres grass, brush and timber 62% contained. California IMT 10 (Dalrymple) in command. CA-SKU Shackleford Fire: 50 acres timber, 10% contained. Active fire behavior with group torching, wind driven runs and short-range spotting. Burn out operations continue on the Red Fire, crews continue mop-up operation on the Salmon Fire. Cultural heritage sites and Sage Grouse habitat are threatened. Threats to Federal and Tribal timberlands, historic and culturally significant sites, communications Infrastructure, to critical and endangered wildlife habitat. CA-KNF Slater Fire: 126,333 acres timber, 5% contained. The fire is burning in the 2012 Mill fire burn scar. Minimal fire behavior with flanking, smoldering and creeping with continued growth in the Thompson Ck. Threats to private and Federal timberlands and ranchlands, to powerlines, gas lines and hydroelectric plants, critical emergency services communications infrastructure, to numerous historic and cultural sites and critical wildlife. The U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, state and county agencies sponsor more than 100 Interagency Hotshots Crews, with most located in the western United States.Visit the IHC contact list website for more information. A Red Flag Warning issued for the fire area for gusty winds and low RH. There are threats to structures, multiple communities, critical infrastructures, multiple private vineyards, and critical wildlife habitats. Bolivar lookout and associated communicates sites, and commercial timberlands. Road, area and trail closures are in effect. Crews continue to strengthen control lines. State Route 162 and multiple roads in the area are closed and multiple bridges destroyed and damaged road infrastructure. CAL FIRE Type 1, Team 5 (Parkes) in command of August-West Zone. CA-KNF SLATER FIRE: 127,660 acres timber, 0% contained. Type 3 Org. is in command of August- Northwest Zone. CA-KNF Devil: 8,849 acres, timber, 55% contained. CA-NEU Jones Fire: 705 acres, 100% contained. Evacuation Orders remain in place. Structures remain threatened. Threat to community of Callahan. AK Type 1, Team 1 (McDonald) in command of August-North Zone. Type 3 Org. RM Type 2, Team Black (Hagan) in command of North and South Zone. CAL FIRE IMT 6 (Veik) is in command. 14th Brigade Engineer Battalion of the US Army is assigned. Fire burning in steep rugged terrain. Map. Minimal fire activity with a majority of the fire receiving 0.25” to 0.75” of precipitation. Threats remain to cultural and historic sites of the Karuk, Hoopa, and Yurok Tribes, Spotted Owl and Coho Salmon Habitat, high value forest and tribal timberlands, and to trail systems in the Trinity-Alps Wilderness. The National Weather Service has upgraded the Fire Weather Watch to a  Red Flag Warning for western Siskiyou County and western portions of Oregon. Minimal fire behavior was reported. CA-HIA Milepost 21 Fire: 50 acres, timber and brush, 0% contained. A Red Flag Warning is issued for gusty winds and low RH through Tuesday. Area Command Team 2 (Sexton) in command. There are threats to structures, Bell Canyon Reservoir, Saint Helena Hospital and Pacific Union College. CA-ENF FORK FIRE: 1,752 acres brush, timber, 34% contained. Fire is threatening Critical Sage Grouse habitat. The National Weather Service- Reno has issued a Red Flag Warning in effect from 1100am to 9pm Friday for gusty winds and low humidity. GB Type 1, Team 1 (Kuo) is managing the August- Northwest and Northeast Zone, SW Type 1, Team 1 (Sinclair) is managing August-South Zone. Area and trail closures in effect. CA-NOD Laura 2 Fire: 2,000 acres grass and brush, 70% contained. Unified Command CAL FIRE and Nevada County Consolidated Fire Protection District. Threat to critical infrastructure including educational institutions, Bell Canyon Reservoir, Saint Helena water treatment, Santa Rosa water supply facilities, Sonoma Valley water pumping stations, major power transmission lines, natural gas pipeline, and medical facilities, numerous schools and Pacific Union College, multiple private vineyards, and to critical wildlife habitat.

Amphibia Season 2 Theme Song, Zooplankton In A Sentence, Movie Night Clipart, Wh23x10028 Motor Only, When To Pinch Zinnias, Koo App Wikipedia,

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