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best practice governance strategy after tableau deployment

Connect to data to author new data sources and dashboards, which are published and shared on Tableau Server and Tableau Online. Certification makes content discoverable by content consumers and improves data stewards’ abilities to govern enterprise-wide data more effectively in Tableau by reducing the proliferation of duplicate workbooks and data sources. The great thing about the Tableau Blueprint is that the methodology isn’t Tableau-specific. All rights reserved, Best Practices for Published Data Sources, Data Sources, Databases and Files, or Tables, Enabling Governed Data Access with Tableau Data Server, Set Project Default Permissions and Lock the Project, Configure Projects, Groups, and Permissions for Managed Self-Service. Connect to Tableau Published Data Sources to create new workbooks and edit and save existing workbooks. For more information, see Extract Encryption at Rest. How will Tableau Server access data sources? Data Culture. Everyone who needs access to Tableau Server must be represented as a user in Tableau Server’s identity store (Windows | Linux). The Content Governance deals with Content management, Security, Promotion and Consumption (i.e.) Key Considerations for Content Certification. I’ve put together a best practices list, a blueprint to guide you through choosing and deploying the big data analytics software that’s right for you. Who is involved in the promotion process? In addition, Tableau Prep Builder and Tableau Desktop are great tools for detecting data quality issues. Check out this Tableau webinar series to learn more about moving from traditional BI to Tableau—from deployments to governance and more. How long do extracts run on server? Define process for validating content is correct. When implementing a data governance program, make sure to present it as a long-term investment, not a one-off project. What processes exist for ensuring accuracy, completeness, reliability, and relevance? Have you locked permissions at the parent project to maintain security throughout the project hierarchy? If the Data Management Add-on is present, permissions for external assets have additional considerations. Are schedules available for the times needed for extract refreshes? This section provides IT administrators and business users with the core concepts underpinning Tableau’s content management features and guidance on how these concepts should be applied to manage the content created in a thriving modern analytics platform. ... We’ll meet you at any stage in your data transformation journey: deployment, scaling, adoption, governance, maintenance. Relationships are a new way to model data that is more flexible than using joins. "Our deployment went viral and, in less than two years, we have 20,000 users," she said. If the data source is embedded in the workbook, the data steward should consider whether it is a potential candidate for publishing and certifying. Does the Tableau Data Model meet all criteria for curation, including user-friendly naming conventions? With multi-table support, Tableau data sources can now directly represent common enterprise data models such as star and snowflake schemas, as well as more complex, multi-fact models. Tableau Server and/or Site Administrators will assign permission rules to groups and lock them to the project. Indexing is used to gather information about the metadata, schemas, and lineage of the content. Without the right people, it’s difficult to build the successful processes needed for the technical implementation of data governance. Digital Transformation has received a hefty shove online in 2020, but DT projects can come off the rails without proper planning, governance and best practices. where the result of a flow can be saved to a table in a relational database. Tableau connects to your enterprise data platforms and leverages the governance you already have applied to those systems. How is raw data ingestion monitored from source systems? Users of one site do not have access to another site or even awareness of its existence. Tableau Blueprint to understand how Tableau can help you move towards successful implementation. When leveraging database security, it is important to note that the method chosen for authentication to the database is key. Will you use a service account or database security to connect to data? 2. To isolate content, you can organize content on separate sites. Apply the permission to the Personal Sandbox project as shown below: With Personal Sandbox content in a single location, administrators can monitor how often content is viewed, suggest owners delete stale content, and check who is making the most use of the Personal Sandbox. This can have both performance and security advantages because the temporary data is stored in the database rather than in Tableau. For more information, see Data Management Add-on. Users will have confidence in the output because the steps can be viewed on Tableau Server or Tableau Online. While each organization is different and you will need to adapt your data governance practices to your process, there is no need to completely reinvent the wheel. Have standardized join or blend fields been established by the DBA to enable users to enrich and prepare datasets? Embedded. All frameworks are provided in editable PowerPoint format. Customers often favor the hybrid approach for its flexibility to handle different kinds of use cases. Beyond data and calculation correctness, content validation should also include a review of the branding, layout, formatting, performance, filters, dashboard actions, and edge case behaviors by the Site Administrator or Project Leader site roles. Data and Content Governance. For more information, see Set-up Permissions Quick Start, Configure Projects, Groups, and Permissions for Managed Self-Service, and Permissions Reference. Tableau Data Management helps you better manage the data within your analytics environment from data preparation to cataloging, search, and governance, ensuring that trusted and up-to-date data is always used to drive decisions. Learn more about governed self-service analytics at scale. Cloud governance guides. Connect to Tableau Published Data Sources or external data from the browser, Tableau Desktop, or Tableau Prep Builder; create and publish new data sources and flows; author and publish workbooks. 4. Measure and audit usage of published content and track usage of untrusted content. Is the workbook accurate, complete, reliable, relevant, and recent? The physical layer includes physical tables defined by joins, unions, and/or custom SQL. As the use of analytics increases, a growing number of mission-critical business decisions will become data-driven. #1 – Validate the Build. Unmatched measure values are not dropped (no accidental loss of data). Imagine that an analyst or a team leader can find, access, and explore accurate and reliable data that they need, when they need it—confidently creating visualizations and reports to share with their teams. Allows the user or group to connect to data sources in the project. To simplify maintenance, assign permissions to groups at the project level as shown below. Power BI Governance, Good Practices, Part 2: Version Control with OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint Online One of the most important aspects of the software development life cycle is to have control over different versions of a solution, especially in a project where there is more than one developer involved in the implementation. The first step of a governance process is to assess how it was built by using the Best Practices Analysis tool. Are authors publishing multiple copies of the same workbook with different filters selected? Has the data source been sized to the analysis at hand? This permission is relevant for views when the view they access connects to a data source. With visual, smart, direct feedback at every step, Tableau Prep Builder will help users to prototype and prepare disparate sources of data for analysis. Tableau Server and Tableau Online give you the flexibility needed to structure your environment and manage content based your specific governance requirements. This is done, in an effort to uncover how those features can be operationaliz… Key Considerations for Content Validation. To begin building the big picture, start with the people, then build your processes, and finally incorporate your technology. Have all criteria for achieving certification status been met? 09/05/2019; 5 minutes to read; In this article. The list of owners includes anyone assigned as the owner of a workbook, data source, or flow, and anyone assigned as the contact for a database or table in the lineage. What naming conventions are used for Published Data Sources? Data security is of utmost importance in every enterprise. Is your process adaptable to business users and are they able to partner with data owners to report issues? Each group of one or more physical tables defines a logical table, which resides in the logical layer along with relationships. For more information, see Use email to contact owners. Data governance may best be thought of as a function that supports an organization’s overarching data management strategy. Tableau Prep Builder is part of the Tableau Creator license, while Tableau Prep Conductor is part of the Tableau Data Management Add-On. Getting buy-in and sponsorship from leaders who will be part of the process … Data governance is a system for defining who within an organization has authority and control over data assets and how those data assets may be used. This document describes the need for data governance and shares best practices and strategies you can use to implement these techniques across your organization. Key Considerations for Monitoring & Management. For more specific requirements, it is possible to create custom administrative views. Tableau uses relationships to automatically generate correct aggregations and appropriate joins during analysis, based on the current context of the fields in use in a worksheet. The framework or system can set soft guidelines or firm boundaries around data creation and manipulation. When publishing a workbook to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, the author will have a choice to publish the data source or leave it embedded in the workbook. Certified Data Sources get preferential treatment in Tableau Server and Tableau Online search results and in our smart data source recommendations algorithm so that they are discoverable and easily reusable. A data governance framework provides your organization with a … How will you license your installation? Access platform capabilities to assist with validation and accuracy verification of user- generated analytic content. Build smaller projects into the long-term data governance strategy to weave more fundamental change into your organization. The ultimate goal of this Deep Dive on Dashboard Design is to guide Tableau Desktop users on how to create a dashboard from start to finish. Embedded. Publishing to the production project is limited to a small group of users who will validate, promote, and certify content in this location as trusted for data-driven decision-making. Using lineage, you can trace down to content owners at the end of the lineage graph. The diagram below shows where elements exist in the Tableau Data Model: Beginning in 2020.2, the Data Source includes the connection, connection attributes, and the physical and logical layers within a Data Model. For more information, see Use Projects to Manage Content Access (Windows | Linux). Will you connect live or extract the data? Sets all capabilities for the permission rule to Denied. A data governance framework is a collaborative model for managing enterprise data. What ETL tools and processes should be used to automate enrichment and/or preparation? To discover and prioritize key sources of data, use the Tableau Data and Analytics Survey and Tableau Use Cases and Data Sources tabs in the Tableau Blueprint Planner. For more information, see Set a Data Quality Warning, including the following types: Warning, Deprecated, Stale Data, and Under Maintenance. Define, update, and expose field-level metadata for users. When applying an agile development mindset to data governance, start small with a minimum viable deployment, and then iterate and grow from there. Data governance is a combination of people, process, and technology. If a change is going to be made, you can email owners to let them know about its impact. Often a single data source does not answer all the questions a user may have. Sites work well when content can remain completely separate during all phases, and there is little to no user overlap. Site Administrators have access to Site configuration settings. What content in Tableau people can view. Make sure your Tableau content is regularly patrolled and monitored to ensure it is still relevant (see Tips 8 and 9). By establishing data standards using the checklist, you’ll enable the business with governed self-service data access that is user-friendly and easy to understand. Switching between the two is as easy as selecting the right option for your use case. Every benefit of having actionable insight… Content authors should have a clear understanding of how the certification process works from start to finish, and content consumers should know where certified content is published in the production project, as defined by your content management standards. Tableau’s intuitive interface makes it easy to associate users to functional groups, assign permissions to the groups, and see who has access to which content. Allows the user or group to view the workbooks and views in the project. For more information, see Manage Permissions for External Assets. Does content have a description, tags, and comply with visual styles? You must define standards, processes, and policies to securely manage data and content through the Modern Analytics Workflow. Authorization includes: Authorization for these actions is managed by Tableau Server and Tableau Online and determined by a combination of the user's license type, site role, and permissions associated with specific entities such as workbooks and data sources. What are the key sources of data for a department or team? Without these processes, there will be a proliferation of duplicate data sources, which will cause confusion among users, increase likelihood of errors, and consume system resources. One way to maximise the chances … Certify content as trusted and delineate from untrusted content in the same environment. Capture and expose enrichment and preparation rules applied to published data models. All frameworks are immediately downloadable after purchase. The actionable governance guides in this section illustrate the incremental approach of the Cloud Adoption Framework governance model, based on the Govern methodology previously described. After content validation is complete, the process of content promotion is used to publish the workbook to a trusted project location or add the certification badge designation for Published Data Sources. The data source management processes you define will govern this decision. Diversity and Inclusion. It creates accountability and enables, rather than restricts, access to secure and trusted content and for users of all skill levels. Site Administrators or Project Leaders will validate and approve the content. Define security parameters and access controls to published data models. However, that has become increasingly difficult because companies are not leveraging new technologies in the business process. With more and more people using data daily, it is critical that Tableau content can be secured, governed, and trusted—as well as organized so that people can discover, consume, and create content with confidence. This is the highest level of access for Tableau Online. Tableau’s role-based licenses have implicit governance built in because of the capabilities that are included with them. The first thing I usually do after setting up a fresh Tableau Server is, organize a little workshop with my clients and go over, at a high level, some of the key administrative features of Tableau Server. The Tableau Server Governance process starts by asking the right questions. Often companies assemble a data governance team to ensure proper use of data, data quality, and policy compliance. You likely already have ETL processes to clean, combine, aggregate, and store data when ingesting raw data from various sources. Locked projects enforce permission rules on all content within the container, including nested projects. Knowing where your data comes from is key to trusting the data, and knowing who else uses it means you can analyze the impact of changes data in your environment. By establishing a process to report data quality issues to the IT team or data steward, the data quality will become an integral part of building trust and confidence in the data. When Tableau Catalog is enabled, content authors can Search for Data by selecting from Data Sources, Databases and Files, or Tables to see if it exists in Tableau Server and Tableau Online and minimize duplication of data sources. • Introduction to Governance • Org Strategy Currently Planned: • Software Development Lifecycle & Best Practices • Architecture Assessment New Product launch: • Innovation and Transformation Center by Salesforce You can work with your Account Executive to help you define that path that is best for you and your organization. Depending on your company’s database standards, IT will use a combination of tools and job schedulers for ingesting and monitoring raw data and server health. What is the appropriate approach to secure data according to sensitivity classification? If IT requirements mandate three separately licensed environments (Dev, QA, and Production), try not to replicate a traditional waterfall development cycle with a modern analytics platform. Users with a Tableau Creator license have access to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, and Tableau Mobile. While the tendency is to go out there and start looking up different software vendors right away, I recommend that as a future step. Separate the sandbox from the board room. © 2003-2020 Tableau Software, LLC, a Salesforce Company. Once you have a solid understanding of data governance and the impact it can have on your organization, look for opportunities to use templates, models, and best practices that are available on the market. An example of project hierarchies for Marketing Production, Marketing Sandbox, and Marketing Data Sources are shown below. First, it is important to understand what data governance is and what it can bring to your organization. Synchronization schedules are set by the Tableau Server Administrator or Tableau Online Site Administrators. Use the baseline requirements that were established in key considerations for content validation as the criteria for becoming certified. Will users be able to use Tableau Prep Builder and/or Tableau Desktop to combine datasets? However, data governance is a continuous, iterative process consisting of many sub-projects and milestones. As you are planning, it is a good time to review existing upstream data quality checks because data will be available to a larger group of users under a self-service model. In Tableau Online, Site Administrators have access to Monitor Site Activity with default administrative views and can Use Admin Insights to Create Custom Views. Have you created groups that correspond to a set of authoring and viewing capabilities for each project? Create the Personal Sandbox Project, and lock content permissions to the project. You should ensure data quality is consistent all the way through to consumption. Projects are containers for your workbooks, data sources, flows, and other projects, and they help you to create a scalable process for managing access to the content published to Tableau. 3. Tableau Server is easy to install and configure yet has many features that can add complexity to deployments. Automation creates a consistent process, reduces error-prone manual steps, tracks success/failure, and saves time. You only need to select the fields to define the relationship. For more information on Published Data Sources, visit The Tableau Data Model, Best Practices for Published Data Sources and Enabling Governed Data Access with Tableau Data Server. You likely already have processes in place to ensure data quality as it is ingested from source systems, and the more that is fixed in upstream processes, the less correction will be needed at the time of analysis. To save future heartache, invest in an environment for testing and in an identical backup environment in case you need to fail over. With these data security approaches, you can publish a single view or dashboard in a way that provides secure, personalized data and analysis to a wide range of users on Tableau. This post will cover some insights we’ve learned over the past 12 … This allows you to better control what data users see in a published view based on their Tableau login account. Our internal users belong to groups like finance, executive, client managers, human resources, etc. Tableau uses the contextual information of the separate logical table to determine what joins are applied to provide the correct aggregation. Design and Best Practices. What is the process for curating data sources? But, few companies realize how important their data is. Are the underlying data and calculations correct? What tasks users are allowed to perform to administer Tableau Server and Tableau Online, such as configuring server and site settings, running command line tools, creating sites, and other tasks. What is the process to remove stale Published Data Sources? Build a strong business case by identifying the benefits and opportunities that data quality will bring to the organization and show the improvements that can be gained, like an increase in revenue, better customer experience, and efficiency. There was an error submitting your feedback. Tableau employs a simple, elegant, and powerful metadata system that gives users flexibility while allowing for enterprise metadata management. Measurement of content utilization helps your deployment to operate at scale and evolve by understanding user behaviors—who creates and consumes content, and the quality and relevance of the dashboards and data sources. Will projects use an organizational (departments/teams), functional (topics), or hybrid approach? Did the refresh succeed or fail? Users with a Tableau Explorer license have access to Tableau Server or Tableau Online and Tableau Mobile.

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