Ann St Clair in New York CityWriter, Editor, Researcher & Teacher

Ann St. Clair was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in New York City where she wore black and read Sartre on the subway.  Her father did government work, and from an early age, she was surrounded by people and ideas from around the world.  At fourteen, she tripped into a summer job as receptionist at British Information Service in the RCA building, where she became fascinated by the public relations operations of governments outside their own countries.

She had a brief adventure in TV acting, but a handsome medical student took her away from all that and ensconced her in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  While there, she had four dearly loved children, spent lots of time in, on, and beside Long Island Sound, did charity work, and played a little tennis.

Ann is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, where she studied with Galway Kinnell, William Matthews, Ed Field and Richard Howard , and was advised by Jane Cooper and Grace Paley.  A stint as Jim Shepard’s private conference student followed a scholarship to Breadloaf.

Since then, she has enjoyed a series of jobs, including one as Assistant to the Artistic Director of Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts.  While doing administrative work in the Berkshires at places from non-profits to banks, St. Clair has never stopped reading and writing.  In her current “day job,” she organizes small businesses and home offices.

She has produced a book of poems, From the Darkroom, which was a finalist in the American Academy of Poets competition,  and a black comedy called Marta Byrd.  She just finished Play Ball, a literary spy novel that races across continents with an international group of Mossad agents who have complex lives and consciences. St. Clair is working on the fifth chapter of a book called The Game You Never See using many of the same characters.

She has been preparing to write about these people and places since she and her father played at hunting “superspies” on New York subways.